VITA KARUNA: Essential oils for cosmetics and well-being

Useful recipe

I propose to introduce in this page description of recipes that have been successful in the treatment of the symptoms observed.

It should however be aware that the relationship between symptoms and the identification of its medical origin has not been done in all cases adequately and accurately by a doctor. It is clear that good results can only be considered as indicative results of the effectiveness of the mixtures tested. They have no statistical or scientific treatment effectiveness value. It is therefore possible that what works for one does not necessarily work for another person, because for very similar symptoms, the medical cause of the problem observed (precise origin of metabolic dysfunction) could very well be completely different for these two people and therefore require either a different blend of essential oils is a specific medication. It must be remembered that any medical prescription must first go through the advice of a doctor, the only person able to identify a disease and prescribe medical treatment.

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